You Can Run With Anyone

fastbreak-running game

Ever wish you had a fast breaking, high scoring basketball team that could excite your players and fans alike?  One that strikes fear into the hearts of your opponents and leads to more victories each season?  Now you can develop one with Coach Battenberg’s: YOU CAN RUN WITH ANYONE.

After studying under several of America’s best fast break coaches, and perfecting his Fast Breaking System over 35 years of college and high school coaching, Battenberg shows you don’t need tall, quick, or great athletes to have a successful fast break attack.  It’s what you emphasize and how you teach it that makes all the difference.

Offering more than 60 DIAGRAMS and including 25 DRILLS to use on a rotating basis, this book shows you how to organize your practices, train your players, and plan for games so your team can truly RUN WITH ANYONE.

Learn about the SECRET WEAPON that most fast break teams fail to use.  The one that will give your team many more QUICK-STRIKE OPPORTUNITIES.  Discover how to get your Bigs to run the court with relentless energy and find instant scoring opportunities around the basket.

Develop new ways to get your players to PLAY HARD with Short Segment Practice Planning.   And if you hate running your players in wind-sprints as much as they hate doing them, Coach Battenberg tells you how to condition your team without those boring running drills.

HAVING PROBLEMS WITH FULL COURT PRESSURE? Opponents will think twice about pressing your team after you run through their defense with your new found “Quick Counter-Attack.”

You will discover Early Offense; Advanced Fast Break Techniques; and Specific Fundamental Training that will make your team play QUICKER and more EFFICIENT.  It’s everything you need for the SPEED GAME you always wanted or to improve the one you already have.

Whether you coach youth, high school, or college level basketball players, this book has what you need to make your team FASTER, more EXCITING, and a WINNER.

You Can Run With Anyone – Secrets to a Successful Fast Break Attack

On Amazon as a Kindle ebook and paperback as well – 

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Why Fast Break?

Chapter 2: Where to Start

Chapter 3: Fast Break Drills – Set 1

Chapter 4: Teaching the Five Man Break

Chapter 5: The Secret Weapon

Chapter 6: Fast Break Drills – Set 2

Chapter 7: Game Conditioning with Cycles

Chapter 8: Early Offense

Chapter 9: Rebound and Run Drill

Chapter 10: Fast Break Drills – Set 3

Chapter 11: O.D.O. – Maximum Transition

Chapter 12: Fundamental Ways to Improve Your Break

Chapter 13: Run Over the Full Court Press

Chapter 14: Advanced Fast Break Strategies

Chapter 15: How to Get Them to Play Hard

Chapter 16: Fast Break Game Day Coaching

Chapter 17: Building Fast Break Time into Practice


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