Sometimes a Great Notion

Waste Can Hoop

       I like writing about basketball.  After I publish my Blog articles, I eagerly look for feedback from readers.  I really appreciate that several of you have “Liked” articles that I have posted on Twitter.  And I especially appreciate when someone “Comments” or “Direct Messages” me with their thoughts and questions.  To all who have done this so far, I want to say a big “Thank You.”  I would like to encourage others to send me your questions and comments too.

       I seriously want to give back to the game of basketball at least some of what was so generously given to me during my many years as a coach.  I have studied, compiled and even developed a lot of information and knowledge about the sport.  I have written two books on Post Play Development and would like to do a book on Teaching the Fast Break in the future.  But until that time, I hope to share more knowledge and experiences through my blog and tweets.

       I need your help.  If you are so inclined, would you consider writing me a comment or send me a question now and then?  Make a comment on any blog article of mine that you might read, negative or positive, I don’t care.  Ask me questions if you have something you want to know about when coaching basketball or training your players.  And especially, send me suggestions for topics I can write about.  What interests you?  What can I cover for you?  I am running out of ideas and if I don’t get new ones, I’ll be taking a break and waiting for fresh ideas to come along.

        Since retiring from full time teaching and coaching, I have traveled to several countries and around the United States doing clinics and workouts for clubs, players, and coaches. And yes, I still do travel to do sessions with coaches and players who would like me to work with them.  I love helping coaches develop their fast break system and their Post Players.  I am also available for any other basketball type conferencing or training.

You can contact me by Direct Message on twitter:  @TerryBattenberg

Or “Ask Coach” on my website: 

Or my email address:   

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.  

Coach Battenberg


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