What Good Coaches Need to Do

Michael Jordan

A Good Basketball Coach Will Always:

  1.  Have a great practice plan written out for each practice session.
  2.  Review fundamental skills every practice.
  3.  Teach responsibility: Be at practice, be on time, & develop leaders.
  4.  Reward good effort: Praise, start a game, more playing time.
  5.  Show and demand respect for the officials.

4 Areas Where a Good Coach Can Make a Difference:

  1.  Defense – Stop the opponent and win the game.
  2.  Shot Selection – Shoot good shots in good spots by good shooters.
  3.  Rebounding – The team that controls the boards, controls the game.
  4.  Turnovers – You can’t score when you don’t even get up a shot.

Essential Skills of Basketball That Must Be Taught:

  1.  Footwork – Pivoting, jump-stops, v-cuts.
  2.  Passing – Chest, over-head, baseball, bounce passes.
  3.  Dribbling – Right/Left, switch, back-dribble, at various speeds.
  4.  Shooting – Form shooting, lay-ups, bank shots, free throws.
  5.  Rebounding – Blocking out, pursuing the ball, grabbing the ball.

The Top Offensive Skill That Must Be Taught:            

       Face the Basket wherever you are on the court:

        1. Pass    2. Drive    3.  Shoot

The Top Defensive Skill to Teach:  Deny.

         Don’t let your opponent do what they want to do.

Best Advice for Coaching Success:  K.I.S.S.

          Keep It Simple, Stupid.  (Or another “S” word?)



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