15 Ways to Improve Your Rebounding


     Rebounding is an important part of Offense and Defense.  On Offense, a rebound leads to more shot opportunities for your team.  On defense, it can cause less opportunities for the opponents to have extra shots.  With this in mind, here are 15 Tips for improving your team’s rebounding abilities.

1.  Coach all 5 defenders to rebound on defense.  Accept nothing less.

2.  Coach all 3 frontline players to hit the offensive boards every time. 

3.  Start the top offensive rebounder from the previous game.  

4.  Start the top defensive rebounder from the previous game too.

5.  Spend time on rebounding, 5 – 10 minutes every practice.  (Block out, outlet, put- backs pursue the ball, rip with two hands, contact, etc.)

6.  Stress the 70% Rule on rebounding missed shots.

7.  Stat rebounds.  Have a coach assigned to watch rebounding and stat rebounding.

8.  Have a backup rebound stat person in the stands.  (Parent, fan, student, video)

9.  Read the individual rebounding stats at half time first; then the team rebounding totals – if they are meaningful.

10. Praise rebound leaders after games to the individual, the team, and news media.

11. Point out offensive rebounds that lead to opponents’ fouling and/or your team scoring.

12. Work on frontline defensive transition.  Your team can still stop the break with hard transition to defense after crashing the offensive boards.

13. During  Big Man shooting drills, insist that players follow up & score to end each drill. 

14. On offensive drills of 5 on O, (or less), follow any missed shot and score.

15. What you emphasize and practice daily is what you will be good at doing.

The key to good rebounders: They go get the ball.


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